vrijdag 20 december 2013

Future plans

Right, best laid plans and all that.

I've enjoyed a burst of painting the last few months, got quite a few bits done in a scale I would never have dreamed of using, painted more then I had held possiblewith the twins, and I am generally chuffed with the way things are going.

But the end of the year is coming, so it is time again to clean up my table, box up everything 15mm for now and keep prepping for my next big project.

I have to say, planning a project wasn't what I had planned, but I've been out of a job since June and as such, are left with time to think in between feeds. I've got a decent smallish German army that I want to add a few things to, but not now. I've got mates who actually want to try out 20mm wargaming but don't want to build an army. So, why not paint the opposition? It can't be harder then my German army, less or no camouflage, tanks are a uniform colour, choice of 2 Allies (I'm looking purely at Overlord atm). And with a stunning deadline, namely D-Day 2014.

But what to choose? Yanks or Brits?

Well, I had the choice taken for me mid october when Daryl over at the Guild offered up 90 Britannia ETO Brits for a bargain price. At Crisis I picked up PSC Halftracks, Stuarts and M4A4/Firely's as a payment for services rendered. I've added Churchills from PSC's Black Friday Sale. ANd just the other day I arranged for 70 more cecond hand Brits to wing my way.

I'll be painting 11th Armoured and what goes with that, focussing on the infantry for starters. I want to paint 2 Motorised infantry platoons for Battlegroup, giving me a sizeable force vs my Germans of which I have just 1 platoon but will be doing mostly defensive stuff anyway.

I'm currently busy cleaning the figs, 95% was unpainted, and trimming down the tabs a bit and basing and adding sand to them. Printed off a roster as well so I can just put them on my table and I can see straight away what I need to paint and when.

I will be doing the odd German thing in between, I have 3 steel machine gun bunkers to finish for instance, and some armour for the Ersatz Panzer list.

But untill then it will be Britannia all the way.

Oh, and as a hommage to the troops that liberated my hometown of Deurne, I've been looking at the units that were involved in it. Expect a few of them to pop up, like the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, some of whose troops died there.

And now, lets clean the damned table, put the paints back in line and get the tools ready for yet another chapter of factory line painting.

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