woensdag 18 december 2013

The Scene HAD001 Heavy Infantry Robots

The first of my combat robots from The Scene, these are 2 packs of  HAD001 Heavy Infantry Bots that I'll be using as bad guys (think Terminators, even though they look like the ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd) untill I get the smaller version that looks more like the endoskeletons, and as good guys for my 15mm Gone with the Blastwave themed army (hence the white and red markings), so this time it is 5 each, Good and Bad  ;) 3.85 Pounds per pack of 5, these arrived here well casted with minimal mould lines. They make a variant with enegry weapons as well. And I'm waiting for the CC versions)

Baddies 16, Goodies 19, Scenery 6

(At a later date I'll propably paint one up as the Dredd version, but I'm waiting for The Scene to release the ones with close combat weapons first)

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