woensdag 4 maart 2015

Two Minute Tutorial - Making Tiny Trash Bags

Two Minute Tutorial - Making Tiny Trash Bags  (for some reason I can't get the video to show in my Blogpost, so forgive me for linking to Youtube)

I tried this tonight, having watched the video yesterday and thinking "Gosh, this looks so easy!"

Well, I tried the 2 types of trashbag we use at home and created a big molten mess every time, it melted quicker then I could react and not a straight seam in sight. So my Gf comes in and hands me some plastic trash from our recylcing bag, some old plastic bags of various colours, a empty pack of huggies babytissues, more of that stuff, all thicker plastic. One of them was a black plastic shopping bag, so I tried a piece of that. But again, it melted very irregularly. Dammit. What to do?

Eureka moment. What if I use a pair of tweezers to protect most of the plastic and only leave 1 tiny sliver available to melt? Tried it, and it works brilliantly every time sofar, it is even quicker then the method shown, so I'm now sitting here processing plastic bags ready to be filled.

My GF actually kirred and found it to be "so damn cute!" :D

I'm tying them down with a piece of string as I simply don't have wire thin enough for it (well, I do, but it is solder and it keeps breaking) and it looks just fine. I've made a few 28mm scaled ones now, and I think I will start doing a few 20mm ones tomorrow, as this is just so damn easy! (now that I know how)

Top tip, this one :)

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  1. Ah, very clever! I have a pair of long tweezers that will be perfect for this. Thanks for sharing.