maandag 30 maart 2015

Doomwheel, part 1

Taking the advice to heart, i decided on one or two things to convert and have fun with. Don't bother with selling for now, just have some plain old fun. But what to do? Recently I joined the Epic FB group to see if it was a place to sell my Epic on, next to the Oldhammer FB group. One of the posts passing by was of teeny Epic scale Plaguedrones. Papa Nurgle approves indeed! While googling for conversions of the things (after seeing the price for one on Forgeworld knocked the wind out of me) Google for reasons only Google knows, showed a picture of a Epic Doomwheel.

A Doomwheel? Well, a Epic chaos Warmachine, a spikey spinning monowheel of death. I instantyly recognised it from a article I read what feels like aeons ago, namely this one: Audrey's Deathwheel
Made in 2004, this thing has been in the back of my head for over 11 years now :)

Hold on. So, you say, I don't play Epic. What gives? Indeed I don't. Part of me would like to (but that part of me whants to do all that is fun anyway! :P ), the other part of me is more practical and knows I have a lot of Epic stashed, but none of it is really complete enough (or painted) to game with. So in the near future I will sell all of it.

So what I need a Doomwheel for? Well, I need 2 of them :D And in my mind, they are prefect heavy weapons servitors, or worse, for Chaos. In my mind anyway.

2 problems.
  1. She used parts that were readily available, for the most part, in 2004. FFW to 2015 and things like BFG cruisers bridges, Chaos Epic turrets and old school autocannons are as rare (and as expensive) as hen's teeth.
  2. I ain't got no bits box to speak of (yet).
Fortunately, Epic still has a loyal following, with updated army lists etc and some people have built Doomwheels for their armies., Some ages ago, others more recent.

Other sidebits, other weapons, but still the same vibe as the original. I can work with that.

The lack of bits isn't too much of a problem. I've posted wanted ads on various forums, and gotten some replies back from people who have bits, so I'm trading freely to get them. Only 1 bit is a bits of a problem, this one:
You only get one of these per Chaos Vehicle sprue. I've got 1 sofar, and I need 7 more! Alternatively I could use the other 2 as well, but I prefer to stick as close to the original as is financially possible. So maybe I will nee to look at the various bits sellers to get them. Unless you, my readers, have some spare? I'd be very happy to take them off your hands :)

As I recently traded a big bag of Imperial Guard bits, track links turned out to be the least of my problems as I have quite a few of them. 40mm round bases however, I do not have, so I substituted them with ply 40mm round bases (2mm) and glued 5 of them together for a base to work from. This means it is bigger then the original, and the vehicle is about a head taller then a Space Marine, but I will base them on 2mm bases so the difference is less visible. I used a 12 track, a 8 track and a single spare track link slightly cut down for each Doomwheel. The slightly cut down one will be the base of the Doomwheel anyway and partially hidden by basing. So no problem there.

Anyway, after some fooling around with sharp knives, 5 minute expoxy and superglue (not neccesarily in that order) I've gotten this far and am now waiting for parts :)

Well, that is it. If anyone feels like helping, besides the half ring x7, I still need the following items:
Each of these I need 4 times.

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  1. I missed this at first. Looks pretty cool. I think they will work just fine as a servitor, but if you make them some kind of wheeled doom biker you could make the rider as a character/characters.

    1. Atm they are just support characters that I am building as the ideas hit me, I have no full fledged Chaos team planned out yet other then the 4 Doomwheels, 2-3 Drones and a set of Cultiststs, plus various ideas for Emperium and Tau groups. But we'll see where this goes :)

    2. well with Doom wheels and Bloat Drones I am sure there is a Heretek some where in that mix of cultists. I am also currently writing up some Background and making planes for Tau groups, cultists and every thing in-between.

    3. I've got a Tech Priest in the works that can go either way right now. We'll see what side he ends up on :)