maandag 25 mei 2015

Kindness of a stranger and fury of a woman

Last friday, before heading out to the club in Tilburg, I made a detour to Wouter, one of my readers in Belgium, just across the border. He had a few boxes of stuff for me, free if I wanted them. After a good hard look at his display case, in which there was anything from 6mm right up to 15mm, he showed me a stack of boxes and said, that is it. Stacked on top of each other the pile would have been more then half my height! He hadn't toutched the stuff in ages.

After managing to load everything in my car, I was again told I was free to do with it as I pleased, and we exhchanged emailadresses, and his reply is already in so Wouter, I will send you a reply asap after finishing my Blogpost for the day. :)

After a considerable detour (at one part going through a forest on a dirt road, just following locals who seemed to know where to go even if the detour signs in Belgium seem to lack anything usefull like information which way to go! I made it to Tilburg.

It was already past 8, so I could not do too much greenstuff work on the drone, but I managed to make both fanhousings look more organic, for the lack of a better word. A few nice chats and a first hand view at Mark's excellent conversion of a Bloodthirster (I hope I'm getting that right), plus me gazing at the new Mechanicus robots and their engineer, and the soon to be released Techpriest, all brilliant models for Inquisitor.

Came home, told the wife what I had in the car and was met with the foulest look in weeks. She was most definately not pleased! Well, it was (quite) a bit more then what I had expected myself, but our rules are clear, only free stuff can enter the house and anything unwanted must be sold.

Saturday was spent cleaning out the backyard and piling stones, so nothing got done that day, I didn't even manage to unload the car. Sunday my wife needed the car to go over to a friend (she won't be back till monday evening) so it had to be unloaded. I got that foul look again when I carried everything into the house.....

After she left, and I had put the kids to bed I spent a good 4 hours sorting stuff from all of those boxes. I managed to collect a big box of Chaos Space Marines, a big box of Dark Eldar and a box filled with various sprues. Also a box full of Epic Building sprues. All of that will need to go, as I have no need for those armies (having said that, I set all of the Plague Marine bits aside to keep, a good strip and they can be painted to join my Plague Marines) I then sorted all of the metals and painted stuff, again more Dark Eldar, lots of Chaos Space Marines and Terminators, a small painted Tau Force and then 2 big boxes of various stuff, 1 to keep, 1 to sell or trade. A full set of Warhammer Quest heroes inthere as well, plus some enemies, I think I will strip them and use them for painting practice. Also included were a Chaos Predator and a Eldar Fire Prism (with the metal bits), in open but complete boxes. The Predator can stay, the Prism will need to get a new owner.

4 hours well spent, I will need to get the unwanted stuff listed fast cause I'm really running out of room now, so I'm thinking of selling the boxes of Chaos Space Marines plastics, and the Dark Eldar plastics and metals as 2 big lots at a low price locally with free shipping to make room fast.

What a weekend. Thx Wouter :)

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  1. I can picture that look. I think it's possibly coded into their DNA, I have yet to meet a woman who cannot achieve it effortlessly. ;-)

  2. Sounds like you had quite an adventure trying to get to your club.
    Sorry to hear you had a fight with your wife over the stuff I gave you. That wasn't my intention at all.
    I hope it clears up soon as she sees how much you actually sold off.
    But for the stuff, you're welcome. Like I said and you stated here in your blog: "they were just collecting dust in my basement."

    1. Many thx Wouter. She left for a spa day, she just came back very much relaxed and happier, even more so when I told her I had already sorted out the stuff.

  3. I was really wondering how you could end up on a dirt road, when my wife came with the possible answer. You probably tried to drive in the direction of Ravels, but the road is blocked because of the fact they are creating a bicycle lane and ended up following the detour. I should have warned you for this, I'm sorry. If you just drove in the direction of Reusel you would have gotten there so much faster.

    1. I just followed Tom Tom's directions to Tilburg and in hindsight I should have just driven back to Reuzel indeed :) I'm used to roads being blocked off, but there was just a no entry sign, which was ignored by the driver in front of me, and when I stopped and reversed, ignored by 2 more drivers passing me. Since I have no money, I'm not taking any chances with getting a ticket so took the long way round, utterly confusing Tom Tom by driving in several places where there was no road :D Don't worry about it :)