zondag 26 juli 2015

Sprue Exchange

For a while now I've been on the list of the Lead Adventure Sprue Exchange, and the box has passed me by once, and should arrive again soon. The box is filled with what other wargamers put into it, you take out something you like and you replace it with something else (or more) what you think other people will like. And then send it on to the next one. Due to the fact it travels internationally, it can weigh 2 kilos max.

Last time I picked up some Skaven sprues and a 3D printed set of 28mm sized oildrums and a Az\tec idol. I put in  a stack of GW sprues and sent it on it's way again.

With the other box due to arrive, I started to wonder, why not do one locally? It is not rocket science, I fill a box with sprues, bits and whatever I can find that is useful to wargamers and send it on to the next one, and when everyone has had their fill and input I get it back again. And if everyone uses Kiala the shipping cost is max 3,95 euro per person and we can ship a max amount of 15 kilos.

So, I made a post on GW  Hobby (our local forum) to see if there would be any interest, and well, soon enough I had 8 interested, and that's a good start. The box is now 3/4 full, with anything from 28mm ACW to Skaven to a unused block or airdrying clay, Dystopian Wars miniatures and lots of other stuff. I've even added a stack of ziplock bags for people wanting to put in bits instead of half empty spures, les waste of space. This box is going out next week.

I've just started the same on the FB Dutch Miniature Wargaming page to see if I can attract some people there as well, for a seperate box.

I know it is a risk and all, I'm putting up several kilos of miniatures for no possible return, but I like the idea and spreading a bit of love through the community never harmed anyone :) And not everything in the world needs to revolve around profit!

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