woensdag 12 juli 2017

Goobye Photobucket.

After a week of downloading photographs, hounded by errors, automated "Are you a human" checks and really weird download times, I have just finished downloading the last of my folders and deleted my last account.


May 2006 - July 2017

If you had been worth the money I would have supported you. But now you died because of your own greed.

With my exams finished for now (Passed my last Sales exam with a 9/10) and the holiday started I can take some time in the evenings to sort out all of the folders and see if I need to upload it to the Blog or find the funds for a paid hosting site. We'll get to that eventually.

A shout out goes to the Yodel courier company. As in: "My God, you are bunch of c*nts". They stamped my express package to Piers 2 days after I sent it, and then it went missing and you can't complain about that untill a waiting period of almost 3 weeks. So I complained right away, and complained again on the 10th as I was told to.  This morning his wife found it when opening the door to walk the dog. Nobody knocked or rang the door. She didn't sign off on it (so they forged the signature). The box has a large tear in it so god knows what is broken or missing. FFS. I've looked at using courier companies but the quotes I get for a 1 kg package of the same size are ridiculous, as I get quotes ranging from 65 euros all the way up to 130 euros. I can fly myself and the package to his place for cheaper!

Right, back to business.

 Partisan 75mm mountain guns are built and based. Just need to drill out the barrels and add the hand spikes of these and the German guns and then they are ready for paint.

Also started work on another Blitz wreck and I'm trying something new.

Opening up the door is a lot of hard work but I will hope it will look the part.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Now, that's one of the worst courier services I've heard of.
    Why not simply use the post office, or is it even worse?
    Congratulations on finishing your exams so succesfully and have a nice holiday.

    1. it is via the Post Office, but as soon as it hits the UK (as all mail to Ireland is routed through the UK, PostNl tells me) it goes to whomever they contracted. PostNl just contacted me to ask if they can close the case and the bloody hell they can't, as the parcel is damaged and I'm waiting for a reply if anything is damaged, plus an apolagy (at the least) for faking a signature.

  2. Are you sure they faked the signature? Because of they did, forgery is a major offence and crime.
    You could even report this to the police.

    1. Back when I was a mailman (a good 15 years ago) is was indeed reason for termination. Now a days, it's pretty hard to find people who are even willing to do this work, they just get told not to and that is it. Yes, 100% sure it is fake as Piers and his wife didn't sign for it :)