zondag 9 juli 2017

Out with the old, in with the....less old?

As my PC was shutting down twice a night by crashing, I figured it was time to get a new one. Not having spare funds for that, it was a bit hard to find anything on my budget, but after selling some more stuff and with 200 euros cash in hand I found a 5 year old Gaming PC. After 3 evenings of work I manegd to get it to run properly and accept my old HHD drive (well, one of them anyway). I just need to purchase 2 more plugs so I can run the DVD player and my second HDD as well. But those are only a couple of euros each and can wait till after my holiday. It's a lovely PC, it can run 2 screens which would be nice if it wasn't for the fact it does not recognise my old 19 inch back up screen....If I can find a nice 22 inch or bigger one for a cheap price locally I'll be sure to allocate some funds for that....but again, no rush.

The PC barely misses out running Fallout 4.....which is a blessing in disguise as it would mean I would get lost behind the pc again for months. Still, a bit of shame.

Anyway, I did some modelling in between the PC, sick kids and my studies. Finally made the Italian Commandtruck  using the Italeri Lancia 3R0 90mm truck and the venerable Matchbox Monty's Caravan. It's not the cheapest of conversions for what essentially is just a Communications Relay Truck but I will paint it in weathered sand, Italian licence plates and plenty of dust covering those so it works for my 8th Army as well as Italians/Germans in the future. So I spent 25+ euros for just one truck? Not really :) 2 kits combined make 1x Comms Relay Truck, 1x Bison Concrete Bunker Truck, 1 burnt out Dingo wreck and one spare 90mm AA gun that will find a place on my Britannia trawler (when I find it again) to make it a Italian sub-chaser.

The conversion is super easy, just shave a bit of the bits sticking out from the cab and use a plasticcard spacer to mount the office body on top of the truck and that is it. I've changed the canopy mounts for brass wire for strength though. I will now make a small generator and 2 poles with wire strung between them to complete the look.

The tiny guns you see are 2 WIP HäT Skoda 75mm Mountain guns. I've bought these for my Partisans only to find out the Gebirgsjager used them as well so these, after some work to add extra armoured flaps on the front and opening up the viewports, are meant for the future Gebirgsjager I want to trade with a friend. The Partisan ones will be stripped down by removing the armoured plate. Les sweight, so easier to handle and conceal, that is my reasoning behind that.

Tomorrow is my last exam, and after that, weather permitting, I want to get on with painting stuff again as I have debris, Gaslands cars and other assorted bits lined up for painting.

Did not buy webspace yet, still looking into that and ways to fund it. 

I'll leave you with the useful parts of a job lot I picked up from Marktplaats that arrived on friday.
 These will become wrecks, as the decals are missing and I need the wheels and the 1/76 scale makes it does not fit well with my 1/72 stuff. I intend to pick up some resin ones for these when I finally get to it.
 Nothing I'd buy normally but the tent is nice (after some work) and the rest is ok for scatter I guess.

The sole reason for buying the lot. I've had a standing request for this ever since proofreading Tobruk, and no one had any spare and the Ebay prices are ridiculous. So I lucked out, again. Will look nice in Desert Sand camouflage. I've also managed to find an Auster and 2 Pipers for Normandy but those haven't been delivered yet.

Now, back to my studies.

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