maandag 21 augustus 2017

D-Day + 7

Well chaps, I'm dead tired, everything hurts including a massive headache, but I've done it.
 My door has now become the idea board (and my storage location for all of my surplus magnets. Need to trim that down a bit :D )

 The first 3 Alex cabinets are unchanged, as well as the First to Fight, PSC and S-Models stock. The recycling center in front will be moved underneath the gaming table if there is a game on.

 I have been most fortunate to find my 5th Alex on Marktplaats in the midst of clearing out my room, so I picked it up on saturday, removed the wheels, and put it in the right place immediately. Then placed the Moppe I need for now on top of it. As you can see, the Moppe cabinets have changed over the years, in width, height and depth.

 Sorted out 3 plansk on this Billy, the rest is clutter that needs to be sorted. I found another whiteboard at the second hand shop for 2 euros and removed the old metal one I used for my Blog listings as that was a bit sharp around the edges. Not sure what to do with it right now, don't need that right now. Left board has my I dunno what to do tonight Dice list. 10 options, roll a dice, and work or finish that item. Cross out when done, and when a few are done just print off another list.

 The single width Billy with all my tea and paint is a bit more foward due to having the power sockets in the location. Maybe, someday I will remove the backplate and loop the cables downwwards. It is of no concern right now, there are more important things to do.

My purchase board is still there. Well, my planned purchases anyway. With 10 euros a week it will take quite a bit of planning.

 A free, unobstructed view of the area behind our house. The window is now easily opened, I can clean the windowsill and the window with no issues and I want to keep it clear of stuff. The fan is there for extra ventilation when I am working, the mininuke will be joined by my Booblehead as Kim says that they will look good there, and my watersupply that needs to move. Cheap paper towel that I use for painting till the supply will run out and a small lamp purely for letting greenstuff cure faster. I want to keep that windowsill as clean as possible so most likely those ietsm will move as well.

 With all the boards in place I now have room for storage boxes, Moppes with more commonly used items, my radio, and my computer and printer. I need to keep an eye out for slightly longer and deeper boards so I have a bit of overhang for the PC and I can put up a striplight for normal light. Using my ceiling lamps seems to attract every moth for 20 miles and the extendable daylightlamp I want to use just for building and painting. It can nicely tuck away and stay safe that way now. The Moppe that I use as my monitor rest needs to be cleared of junk, it should be for office supplies only.

 Other side of my desk. From now on I will harshly enfore a clean desk policy. If it is time for bed, I need to put everything back in place before I leave. I don't want this to get out of hand again and I have plenty of places to put my WIPs and PIPs.

I've removed the Billy toppers from my cabinets and put them up for sale. I will do the same with the Hemnes cabinets in front, they are just full of junk right now. The Moppes in the back will go into storage in the attic for later when my cabinets have been cleared and sorted.

And that's it. Kim is superproud right now. I'm so tired I have trouble to let it all sink in. Will improve later this week I reckon, just need a bit of time, then get more stuff listed, and clear out all of the unwanted stuff that does not need to be here right now into the attic.

I need to sell a couple of hundred worth of stuff to have some more breathing room financially, and pay off my birthday gift. Working with just 10 euros a week is working really well atm, I'm saying a lot of Nope atm :D

Right, time to turn in early, hope you like what I did and now it is back to getting stuff made and has been too long :)

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  1. Looks fantastic! I like your idea of the board for things to do when you don't know what to do. The budget is a great idea too: we generally purchase far more rapidly than we paint!

    1. Why thank you :) And sofar, it seems to work. I'm planning more and grabbing old stuff from my boxes and working on that....might even finish something soon :D

  2. Looks great. It inspires me to clean up my own hobby room. Which is a complete mess at the moment.

    1. Nothing beats a good cleaning....but I never could find anything after I do that. Just labelling everything has sorted that mostly :)

  3. well is this your man cave or the long lost Temple of Ikea Goddess of cheap living? :-P

  4. Great looking space, nice advert for Ikea, seriously really efficient, I was doing really well for a number of years on a budget of £6.50 a week, got a bit stretched but I think I'll go back to it soon, I've got loads to be honest!
    Best Iain

    1. Yeah, it does have a fair bit of Ikea in there :D Right now I can reccomend it to anyone, havinga tiny budget really works.