woensdag 8 november 2017

50 cent challenge - the toy tractor to armoured wargaming piece conversion.

I started off with a 30 cent thriftstore tractor.

The backwheels are slightly bent, so I epoxied the axles and set the wheels straight by glueing them to a base. This will make it easier to hold it while modding it.

In comes the box with spare bits of plasticcard, the knife and the epoxy....

 There is a magnet in the roof so I can swap out turrets if I want to with my BMP-1's, BRDM-2's and BTR-60's....or add the rocketpack from my Technicals. I'll make a magnetswappable sandbagposition with a LMG gunner to go on top in the future.

 Then we hit it with a brown/orange/red paint mix.

 And a hour or 2 later we have this:

Basic weathering done....now it is enamel time. And then powders. And when done, we have this.....

And that is it. Another challenge done! The tractor is based on a mix of pictures seen from Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia and Syria. I have no particular faction or country in mind. This can just as easily be Yugoslavia, Syria or TW:2K.

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