zondag 17 december 2017

20mm Sci-Fi? Is that even a thing?

Well, if you have been reading my Blog for a while, you know it is for me. SUre, 15mm and 28mm Sci Fi have an immense treasure throve of available stuff, unlike 20mm which has basically squat diddley.

Or so you think.

As I have shown before, plenty of 6, 15 and 28mm stuff can be repurposed for use with 20mm. And occasionally you find a little gem like this:

From the 2015 movie, currently for sale in the Action discount store at 8 euros a piece is a very simple to assemble, without glue even, Poe's X-Wing in 1:78 scale.  Now, I don't need X-Wings, never been a fan of the rebels (heck, I have an Empire tattoo on my back to show you where my loyalty lies!) but I did like that this incarnation of the X-Wing is much closer to the original skecthes and the pre runner of the X-Wing, the Z-95 Headhunter. The what?

 Looks familiar, does it not? More of a bubble canopy, and only 2 lasercannons on single wings.

So, after spending some old coupons I landed 3 of these ships, and they are now being transformed into Vismod Z-95's. They come with optional landing gear, but I epoxied that in place as these will be static pieces only, and each will get a individual scheme using quite a bit of colour, weathering and old decals from various ranges. I stripped out the droids, removed the batteries, glued the wings shut using normal plastic glue, which it takes very well, epoxied the gear in place and snipped off the lower gun mounts.


Not sure yet if I will do the bubble canopy for the entire current cockpit area, or continue the straight body right up to the dashboard and start a bubble canopy from there. The rest of the details can stay, as the Wikipedia mentions that there were many variants and production versions of this venerable snub nose fighter, plus mods made by their various owners and I don't want to put too much effort into building these pirate/mercenary ships.

And boy, are there many schemes to choose from.....

Now, where did I stash my 1/72 A-Wing.....

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  1. Here is my list of 20 mm SF (in polish but links are still valid):

    1. Thank you, that is very helpful :) I'm thinking about setting up a 20mm Sci-Fi Facebook group for this.

  2. Your 20mm scifi stuff is why I first came here!

    And z-95s are a great use of the "modern" x-wing.

    1. Yes, I will have great fun modding these and painting them as individuals :) Just need to find Aurebesh decals now....

  3. That is Super! Very Sharp looking. I need to get one of those and add it to my star wars stuff! God Bless.
    Dave in USA