maandag 4 december 2017

2018 - Best laid plans....

Well, 2 weeks have come and gone. Been busy with organising life, the hobby room, sales, the insurance claim for my accident, school and God kows what else. With brings me to the matter at hand.


Yup, a new year is around the corner. Time to make plans. Big and small. And we might even try something new, but I'm going to need help. Lot's of help. So be a dear and feel free to chip in and help out when you can, either by telling me off or being motivational, whatever suits you.

So, the plans....

  • Only spend time on what you are actually playing. Atm this is Gaslands, and our local group is building forces for Battlegroup, and if all goes well I might take a trip to Ireland in 2018 for the Kurstin/Berlin project, and if not, a small Iran-Iraq bash. Or Partisan actions.
  • Do not buy any kits or miniatures! No, really! Have you seen the amount of kits I would be insane to spend more money on expanding that untill I have tons more built. Paints, decals, barrels, stuff like that, no problem, but no new kits or miniatures. If I really want a particular miniature or kit, try and trade it with friends or online. Do not spend money!
  • Unsusbscribe from all email notificatons from shops, magazines, Paypal, Ebay etc. (DONE)
  • Cancel Paypal....well, I can't, as I need it for receiving payments for sold stuff.
  • Cancel Creditcard....well, I can't as it is mutual.
  • Cancel my debit account (DONE)
  • Talk to friends if I have ....Miniature Buying Urges (MBU)
  • Avoid Shows, as they bringeth Temptation .....yeah, well, but I also get to to try new games, meet old friends and sell off unwanted stuff.  Yeah, let's keep this one off the record for now.
So, what does this mean in concrete steps?

  • Gaslands - don't buy them at the 2nd hand store anymore and just work with what I got.
  • Battlegroup
    • vs Eriks DAK - 8th Army British - I've made a 350 pts starterlist which is fully motirised and lacking in infantry as I don't have any. Will also sneak in the occasional DAK vehicle for the fun of it.
    • vs Ferry's Kursk Russians (with later FotR update) - Germans - I've made a 350 pts list using excisting stuff and new to build/paint stuff to keep things going, and I will slip in the occasional Russian bit as well for the fun of it.
    • vs Sjors Normandy British - Germans - I still have to make a list for these. Not sure yet. Also a nice reason to slip in some of my own British.
    • vs Piers......oh my.
      • Kurstin/Berlin - no list made yet
      • Iran-Iraq - no list made yet
      • Partisans - no list made yet
  • 20mm in General - process through the 20mm based and cleaned drawers with WIPs and partially painted stuff. Just get that done. Please. If I ever feel the need to buy stuff, look in those drawers and that should kill it. Plenty of stuff in there like:
    • Afghans - just get them done
    • BEF - 350 pts list made 
    • Spetsnaz - Troops are painted, need a suitable drop off aircraft or helo.
    • Homeguard
    • Criminals
    • Japanese
    • Etc
I really want this to work. I'm sick and tired going after ooh shiney all the time, spending loads and then having it sit there gathering dust.

Wish me luck.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck- I too am trying to buy less, paint and game more. At least the gaming side of things is working.



    1. Gaming here is on the up as well, I really like that, very motivational :)

  2. I commiserate, still job hunting on this end so no new buys until I am employed again. On the up side I was able to move almost all of my old GW40k stuff this year. Just in time for the new addition to get every one interested in the game again. Hahahah.
    It is good though. lots of room was opened up in the storage and it made the fiancée happy. She is also happy to see that I am painting figs and gaming again.

    1. Space is good, happy (future) wife is good. Wish you all the best for the new year buddy :)

  3. You've got the right idea, set a plan, including prioritising. But it's a hobby and allow yourself to deviate at times. Even better publish your plans and get others to help keep you on track when you deviate.

    Good luck

    1. Oh, there will be deviating, I'm sure of it. But indeed, putting my plans to paper should help with the focus of things. Thx Will.

  4. Good luck, Gunbird! I find myself in similar circumstances - currently totally banned myself from buying new toys yet I still have plenty to play with. It's helped get some stuff finished already and it sounds like you have a good plan for that too.