zondag 7 oktober 2018

Killteam? Me? Well, I suppose....

My group started it, I can't make my mind up (what else is new) so now own stuff for Orks, Genestealer Cults and Primaris....<sigh>

Been politely asked to focus on one group for now and get em done, so.....Orks I guess?

Meet "Harry"

I've always been a fan of militant Grots back in my Gorka Morka days, so hey. He is from the Grot box set, I only lengthend his pistol barrel (hence the nickname "Harry"), removed the ridiculous bit of hair, and added a pouch and a Commanders cap. Now to paint the little bleeder, so tomorrow he and a sacrificial Ork will get a basecoat and I will get cracking. If my wrists can take it.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. "So you've got to ask your self one question... Do I feel lucky? Well do you punk?"

    1. Gven the quality of Grot weapons, that works both ways :D

    2. Yes, the end that goes "bang" is a bit ambiguous.