maandag 1 april 2019

Chicks dig scars, right?

Swelling almost completely gone, wound is superclean (compared to the DIY ones) and I can almost make a clenched fist. I can't do anything with it yet, any kind of pressure on the fingers is instant major pain, but this should go away. I can type in 5 minute bursts.

Also made some decisions....

The rolling gaming table/storage cabinet will be disassembled. I'm not using it, it is too heavy, and it gets used just to pile crap on top. The cabinets will live on in the garage for storage, the wheels...I dunno. The cabinet it is in front now is partially empty and has the old Ikea cardboard storage boxes.  Those will get emptied and sold off. I have a lot of Ikea Moppe and they will move into that cabinet (I'm also removing the doors). I don't want to completely get rid of a table, so I have my eyes set on Norden folding table (not the huge one we have in the dining area, but the folding one which makes a undersized 3x3 foot if I want) which I want for photography, things with the kids etc.

The big brown cabinet behind me....I removed one whiteboard that will move to the front of the door. Removed all unfinished scenery from the top level into the To Do box. Big Brown Cabinet (aka BBC) is for finished scenery only. Motivation and all that.

Most of the drawers are now sorted, still a fair few bits to sell off. Not even going to mention the attic....darnit, just did.

Lots to sell, more focus, get some commissions done for extra cash as my phone is dying as well and the PC is....problematic.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Impressive scar :o
    Good luck with the sale! After I visited the attic at my house back in Belgium I almost felt ashamed about the amount of stuff laying there. I hope to get rid of most of it as well when I return next year.

    1. Sale is always good. Clears space, adds cash. And if you are not using it, hey....