zaterdag 27 april 2019

Not dead yet :)

Hi guys,

Hand is healing up nicely, stitches came out fine, most of the skin surrounding it has dried and fallen off (no, I'm not a lizard alien, thanks) and I'm slowly....and sometimes not so slowly, using the hand more and more. 1 thing I keep forgetting is that I should not, in any way, should shake hands with men with even a half decent firm grip. It is improving, slowly, but sofar I've let a few (very manly) tears after meeting new people for trades, cause it <bleeping> hurts.

The numbness is still there, but I guess a bit less. The non finger parts of my hand still feel like someone has stepped on it with a hefty boot, and the entire hand feels thick and unresponsive at times. This has not stopped my hobby time, just it is slow going.

I'll live. Been told it will take 6-12 months to completely heal up to 95% effectiveness. Pain wise I just keep using the max reccomended dosage as my doc ordered and that is that.

Right, the hobby.

The gaming table is gone. Thought about selling it, but for the type I might get 10 euros a pop max. So...recycled into a workbench in the shed, managed to find some 2nd hand kitchen counter feet from a excellent quality, and a used kitchen counter top that was spot on what I wanted.  30 Euros spent on used parts but a good investment I think, makes a nice workspace for the 6-8 months a year I can work there

WIth the space now empty I've been looking at a Ikea Norden foldable table, but after getting outbid a few times in the 80-100 range for that sort of table, I looked at other options as I just wanted to get this done. Well, the Ikea Nordenfeld is a fold up table you connect to the wall and is new 35. Sure, not as heavy duty with storage as the other one.....but I found a used one for 10 euros 10 clicks from here, so picked that up and mounted it at standing level (for people of my limited height). Installed extra sockets that have USB connectors so I can install USB lights for photography. Been using it for a few afternoons and it works great, just thinking about making a small rig to support my phone so I can make top down shots easier. But that is no priority atm.

My hobby progress has been focussed mostly on 2 models, my Ork Battle Kroozer, now a Battleship as I read the stats wrong, and my fist crewmember of the Salvagers.

I'm not a power player, nor will I ever be. So a (hot shot) Laspistol, a grenade, 2 flares and a bionic hand is added to Joe Average. Maybe enhanced scanners because of his head. Still a bit rough around the edges, needs clean up and small extras, but otherwise ready to be painted.

The Battleship is being built organically, it just grows a bit whenever I work on it. After doing the math on how expensive it is to get the bits I want, I've run her up to Battleship status. That and after spending a good 2 hours on a turreted bombardment cannon, I found out the Battle Kroozer uses a combined torpedo tube/ bombardment cannon (Ack! Ack! Ack!) 

 I keep tacking on stuff, and on occasion ripping it off again. As she is my first Ork Battleship, I've chose a supporting one one, so Gorbags Revenge, the big Ork Carrier it is. Mine will just have a different be decided later. This is the work done on the Starboard Launch Bays

And work done on the Port Launch Bays. Just using bits I have on hand, and mixing and not really matching as hey, Orks :) Also added the bridge  and more turrets and shield generators.

Also started a bit of work on some light tanks....a M3 for my Russians, and a TKS rearmed with a MG-34 for my Volkssturm.

Right, hand needs rest. I'm knackered.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Fabulous looking miniatures, glad to see you're back in business and even got a new workspace.
    That Ork ship is fantastic, Modhail said on his blog that there's going to be a BFG campaign soon, so I guess we'll get to see more Ork goodness in the near future?

    1. My focus is on repainting the rag tag stuff I call Imperials, the Orks are a bit of a sidequest. But yes, there will be more Ork ships :)

  2. Glad to see you are still at it. Doing as much as you have been with a hurt hand is pretty impressive!

    That Salvager guy is looking great.