zondag 3 mei 2020

Blowing up (out?) the roof!

Took a afternoon off just to build a bit on the not-La Maisontaal, and since I can't find (enough) material for the shingles, I've set my sights on what the hell happend here. So, an explosion or 2 I reckon should do what it needs to cause this sort of damage. Told you not to get fire too close to these "spices", Albert.....

Wanted to make a section of roof completely blown off, with a light squash to the sides, and a door in the wallsection....just to have a spawnpoint for *insert monster of the day or door to a stash, or a entry point for Ratty & Co.

So, after a superquick sketch to check the concept, and a few quick cuts with my Proxxon, I got the basics, and just went to town from there. Really wish I could work faster, but I prefer this glue which sets fast but not as fast as a hot glue gun, but it bonds everything really well so it becomes really tough. My hands aren't helping either, the shaking got really bad near the end so I took a nice long break and did a bit more work just now in the evening, including cutting and sanding a base for it.

Well, hope you like. Needs some more work tomorrow evening for the final planking and gritting, and then work a bit on another bit of roofsection, but purely as a barricade-sort-of-thingy.

Hope you like. It keeps me and my head occupied at least :)

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