zondag 26 februari 2023

Big blue shuttle finished

 After selling a lot of unbuilt plastic kits I slpurged and bought my kids a Lego trainset en a ton of Friends stuff from the used market. They spent a good 2 days building everything (We have a week holiday now, last day) and I finally found time to build the Disney transport, and I'm very happy with it. Well thougth out, a nice build, it kept me busy for a few hours while the kids weren't busy killing each other (sigh).

It's big, it's blue, and has some nice crew. 
Still not planned a test game of Stargrave but I will in time. Wargaming isn't a priority right now, rest, stability and excercise is. As soon as I'm good on those 3 there will be time for wargaming again, maybe. Walking has priority, a minimum of 10.000 steps a day, preferred 10km walk every day and 1-2 times a week a 15+ km walk has done a lot for me. But when one of my closer mates passed away recently, spending time and money on plastic soldier tat that barely ever got used, if at all....money has been flowing to getting better gear for my walks and saving more money for my kids.
Life is all about priorities ey?

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