woensdag 14 juni 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 3

 A little bit of progress, magnets finally arrived, as well as 2 sets of PT-34 mine rollers kindly donated to me (if that isn't motivational, I dunno what is) and I picked up a new bottle of Mr Surfacer 1000 for texturing the turrets, but I will do a test first to see if it even shows up. 

Magnets or new Russian superweapon?
 Changing the roadwheel was something I liked doing.....just not with a scalpelblade and my less than capable hands these days. So Dremel it is. I ran through the first one with ease, and then realised I should have removed the....thingy that keeps the wheel in place. Hub...knob...thing? The next 2 I removed beforehand and I grabbed the...thing from a PSC T-34 roadwheel). I wanted to convert a few with one or two Panther roadwheels.

And then I find out that A. The spare Pantherwheels you get with the BF (Jagd)Panther are a bit bigger than expected and B. I can't bend these tracks out of the way like I can with PSC ones.
Oh well, a small cut here, a small cut there, some paint and mud and Bob will be your creepy family member.

One is not like the others...

Progress, and a sharp scalpelblade which is a bit of a healthrisk with clumsyness....

The plan for this week is to finish all the trackwork (done), have all the magnets in place (I'm short 1 T-34/85 turret to build for the Beute) and get the 10 T-34/76, the T-34 ARV and the PT-43/76 completely built up, pinned and ready for primer.

This may be a bit optimistic as we are in the middle of a tropical heatwave (by Dutch strandards, we went from 18 C to 31 C which means I start my mornings in the gym as they have AC )

Ah well, best laid plans and all that.

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