woensdag 28 juni 2023

Stripping part 2

 Had some paint on parts that just would not let go, so grabbed the bottle of Clean Slate rmvr 3.0 I bought a while back, and decided it to test on some parts. Well, color me impressed.

9.50 euro for a bottle that is going to last me some time. Just brush on and let it soak in, and it comes off pretty quick if you keep moving it around.

Old Battlefront casts of the 120mm mortar carriages I picked up for my 1945 Project, and in a lot I picked up in Hungary that was listed as a "Israeli Army" I've found it bo be around 20% Israeli and the rest just crap from WW2 and other armies, painted badly, mixed in. Not a single mould line cleaned, with tons of casting gates still left on them.....oh boy. I'll try and give them the love they need, but hey, 2 Vietnam M-60 teams and some Vietnam command figures will come in super handy for the Vietnam project, jay!

Even the old crusty paintjobs on these plastic power barriers come off like a treat. Well, 99% of it, but the rest I can remove with a scalpe as I have to clean up the mouldlines as well. For the generic Necro/Rogue Trader/Stargrave box these.

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