maandag 6 juni 2011

Current WIP's

A selection of my current WIP's, with some descriptions. Feel free to tell me what you want to see finished first, I can use some extra motivation to paint instead of spending time on the web looking for more stuff to buy (which, as you might have guessed, is not the way to get things done!). I keep running into the same problem over and over: start a project, get distracted, start a new one, get distracted........

3 WIP Servals. The third barrel arrived a couple of weeks ago so it should be a simple job of putting it in, attatching the new stowage boxes to the rear of the turret and then tarting them up a bit before basecoating them. Though I have no clue whatsoever what scheme to give them. They should be for the 2012 game.

A ZIL truck and a UAZ jeep for my Cold War Russians. Painting them is easy, finishing them is not. 2012 is when I need these with a ton more.

A GAZ car for my WW2 Russian force commander, which would be nice to have more finished this year, and a small van that is technically done, just not 100% happy with it yet.

Tunguska for the 2012 game. I'm not sure what the model is from, but beside being 10mm too long, the rest of the dimensions are ok, it is just a bit basic, so I will need to rework it completely to be acceptable for me.

2 ASU-85's. I don't even own a VDV force anymore but bought them anyway. Drilled and plugged in a commander on one, second one needs filling as well. Decals for these have gone missing in the mail, waiting for replacements at the moment. Additions for my Cold War Russians so no hurry what so ever.

A Ferret Mk2 and a VAMPIRE for the BOAR for which I make the occasional bit for fun. Spent a lot of time converting it, I want to take it with me to the Big Game 2011 in Scotland or the UK (no sure yet), they only take some paint to get them done. I really should prioritise this lot.

A old Matchbox of Airfix Panther going for repaint number 3, and a metal truck that fits in scale wise, though at the moment I'm thinking it would would look better in Early War grey.

Flammpanzer III that doens't need much work, SdKfz that has nothing to go with it (needs crew) and a T-55 with the plow that I decided to start painting without having a turret handy. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either. First 2 are for my German forces, 2nd one would be handy to have for the 2012 game.

And finally what I spent most of my afternoon on, 2 of the new Hobbyden Isuzu trucks and a RH Models technical. I really want to get the Isuzus done so Brian can put them in his gallery.

Then there a lot more things in boxes, semi finished, and of course the 1941 Army Beutepanzer. That one is up for a vote too btw. So please, let me know!

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  1. I want to finish the 2 Beutepanzer first, then look what to finish after that. Don't worry, I have no intention of leaving it unfinished :)

  2. Johan, the Tunguska is from the old Battlefield Evolution Modern Warfare ready-painted models.

    Nice to see you blog-ing away, mate.


  3. I like the BOAR stuff - off the beaten track.
    Otherwise the Isuzu and Technical look interesting

  4. The cars...get the cars finished first...
    I didn´t know you had a blog....I´ve tried to follow but at the moment it seems google won´t allow it...????
    PS...It looks like FIGZ is definate next year and there will be camping available!!