maandag 9 april 2012

FAW Jiefang heavy H540 4x4 truck

The FAW Jiefang heavy H540 4x4 truck is a common sight in Chinese held territory. Rugged and reliable, this commercial truck chassis sells well on the open market and is used by civillians as well as governmental and para military organisations in China Major and the frontier.

The multi fuel engine means you will never be without a means to keep it going, its 4x4 system gets you places most other wheeled vehicles can't go and the roomy chassis has space for quite the large assortment of equipment and add-on packs. For example, we recently outfitted a shipment of new police trucks with a dozer blade to help our beloved troops clean up barricaded roads, be it manmade or caused by natural events. The honeycombed Durasteel blade comes with a 15 year normal use warranty (1 year on the damper and shock absorbers of the attatchment points) )and can be supplied to government controlled agencies only. Foreign investrors can contact our headoffice in Bejing.

My current police fleet:

Model used for this is the Flames of War BR277 Gun Tractor (2 in a pack) with no serious modifications. The models were crisply cast, no flaws, I just removed the base and added my own. The ram plough is made from a few spare Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV turret Schürzen. Decals are from I-94 decals (numbers) and TL Decals (shield).

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  1. Very cool Gunbird. They look like they are ready to crack some skulls!

  2. Lovely change of clothes for the venerable Quad! It looks surprisingly mean and modern.

  3. Nice piece of kit!
    Good backstory too.

  4. Great idea. I wanted to use one of these for my 15mm Riflethings, but I thought it might look "too WW2". Nice to see that even just a new coat of paint completely changes the look.