dinsdag 24 april 2012

Kursk T-34's

Checklist for updating the PSC T-34's

For 10 tanks I need:
- Drill 10 gunbarrels, 10 machinegunbarrels and 20 exhausts.
- Molest 40 fenders, front and back.
-Bend 30 handrails for the turrets
-Bend 60 handrails for the hulls.
-Create 10 headlights.
-Update 3 tanks to type 43.
-Create 10 antenna mounts.
-Get 3 commanders.
- Build or cast a X amount of box fueltanks

For 2 wrecks and 2 German ones this list mostly repeats itself, but the captured ones will get a Notek headlight and other Germanic upgrades (command cuppola, rommelkisten) and the rest will be done in the painting phase.



I decided to do the first 2 wrecks using the full tank, and when I start the third I will only need part of it (turret) to get the right look.

Though my order still isn't packed or sent, so God knows when I can get cracking on that.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. good work so far. keep going I see victory in sight

  2. Very interesting post, I like reading about your methods and preparation, it's really useful for a novice like me.

    Interestingly I had planned to make the final PSC T-34 from my set a 'Beute' panzer. Mainly so I could try out adding some extra applique armour plates around the turret and on the sides (and add the German cupola as you have).

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next!