maandag 16 april 2012

GMG Weekend: Kursk

My next trip to Ireland, in a little under 4 months, will be to fight on the German side in a big Kursk bash.

For this, I've sorted my to do list into 3 sections; German, Russian and Scenery.

Scenery wise I will be adding a few wrecks to my collection, maybe make another windmill and do various Russian farmyard stuff.

German wise I don't have a clue yet, I've requested, and have been granted, a spot on the German side, but listwise we are a bit in the dark to what we can and can't use. Personally I'm hoping to build me a few of the PSC Panzer IV's this time, and if I can make them H's even the better as those will be useful for Normandy as well. Having said that I have a small stash of Wills beauties so G's or even F's are not a problem either.

Russian wise, well I'm not on their side, but I will be handing over a full T-34 company to the gamesmaster. They might use it, they may not, who knows. And that is what I have started off with.

4 boxes of PSC T-34's (The 5th is in backorder, should be here next week-ish) gives me a starter of 12 T-34/76 1943. Of this lot 2 are for the Germans, the other 10 are Russian. Of these, 3, including the CO, are with the command cuppola which I made from surplus hatches left over from the Pegasus T-34/85 Fast build, with some modification. 1 of these will be a OT-34.

As soon as the last box arrives 1 will complete the 10 tank Company and 2 will be turned into wrecks.

Everyone will get banged up fenders front to back,  replace the cast one wire with brass, make either a Notek or a normal headlight plus pots for the removable antenna to go in just using left over sprue that I will carve up. None of this lot will get the round fueltanks, a few will get square fueltanks, most will be without.

Looking forward to getting these finished and ready for paint tbh.

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  1. sounds interesting. how wrecked will the wreacks be are we talking totaly destroyed of light damage?

  2. That all depends on the photographs of wrecks I can find as I tend to copy those. Still searching for more to round off my collection before I get started.

  3. Just putting together a couple of these PSC T-34s (in '85 guise) myself for a small Finnish battalion. I do prefer the Pegasus T-34/85 as I deplore the vastly over-sized gun in the PSC model. But with a bit of messing about you can easily correct that -

  4. I've had 8 of the Pegasus ones semi finished here for quite a while, but picked up the PSC ones just for the 76mm turrets, the 85 is just a bonus. I still have a stash of brass 85mm barrels that will be used to replace them as well as other minor mods to correct them....when the time comes for late war that is :) I like what you did yo yours.

  5. It's really interesting to see someone else working on - nearly - the same model. We've both done some of the same improvements, which is great for a newbie like myself to know that I'm going in the right direction! Good luck with yours. Steve :)

  6. That's a lovely start! I envy you your spot at the table this summer.
    Kursk for everyone, I say.