dinsdag 19 juni 2012

JNA M36 WIP finished

Right, slight deviation from my regular plans, a little sidestep to Yugoslavia. I've found a few locals who have plans to game Yugoslavia in 20mm and me, having a small collection of stuff collected for this period, has decided to hop in.

Received a box of Armourfast M36 in the mail last week as I wanted them as Yugoslavian M36's. Decided to make the following changes to make it passable as a JNA one and also a more detailed one.
-lamp brackets (ended up oversized but very recognisable)
-lifting hooks
-gun sight opening
-armoured roof
-step hold on the front of the tank hunter
-a strip of paper to it look like the tank without the muzzlebrake, which was common

What I decided not to do:
-change the engine decking and the rear vent (JNA ones were converted to T-55 engines)
-add track detail
-add the slopes to the top armour
-create a new muzzlebrake

Just need to mount the .50 on each and she is ready for Russian Green basecoat.

Coming from JNA stocks, most have seem to be used by the Croats, though the Serb (militias) used a few as well. Since my primary focus is on the Serbs,. both will be in weathered JNA green with just a number.

Though one of them is likely to receive a look like this:
I'm assuming here this one is Serb as I think I see their sign on the lower hull, and the vehicle it is passing is carrying the Eagle. Just have to enhance the picture a bit to get the writing right.

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