zondag 10 juni 2012

Neat and tidy

The one plus thing about my current unemployment is that I have the time get the little things done for which you never had the time. Having finished the chores around the house it was time to get cracking on my collection in storage.

Yes, I'm a bit of a Ikea fan. And very much into black and white (the purple wall is my gf's idea, not mine). Drawers for the painted stuff and WIP's, cabinets for the boxes and scenery. Everything boxed by producer or in the case of tools, by type. I just wish the smaller flat boxes had not been discontinued as they are perfect for the hobby. I keep looking around for second hand ones, in any colour, cause they are that good :)

The cabinet beside it has all of my paints in wooden display trays, I rarely take the trays out anymore, I just take the numbers I need to paint with and put em back afterwards. The 3 cabinets beside those need a good sorting as well, I really need more boxes but can't afford them right now so I'll have to come up with something in-between.

Why yes, I have a bit of OCD ;)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I use plastic three tray drawers, not as nice looking or efficient as your setup though! That is one very lovely room. Unfortunate about your unemployment though, hope you soon find the needed work



  2. You've given me the incentive to finally clean up my attic space! (Well, you and my wife nagging!) ;)

  3. SWMBO is a powerful force in the universe Stephen :D