vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Weyland Yutani on a reactor dome

Weyland Yutani has to have the nicest logo for any sci-fi company and it is damned easy to paint as well cause I keep painting it everywhere. This is the reactor dome from the Heljan set, coupled with a door from The Scene (  Doo1 ) which I realise now I have used upside down but this works just as well :) My standard concrete, with a tad more blue in that usual, and a nicely weathered green door. But not soo weathered to get all rusty this time. 15mm hovercar for reference, though the mat it is on should give you another clue of its size (1cm squares).

Did some more extensive leeching this time, and the shape means it is a interesting object to look at.

Game uses? Just scenery. Could be a objective, but since I stayed away from any radioactive or warning labels this could be a futuristic shed as well. Anything goes.

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