dinsdag 3 februari 2015


A short review of my Kromlech order.

I searched the website, ordered a few items on the 16th and after that it became pretty silent, no confirmation or anything.. And sometime last week the box dropped on my mat. This weekend I managed to unpack it.

Again, no smelly resin here. Everything neatly packed in a small letterbox box, so sturdier then a bubblewrap envelope. I ordered a set of claws, and 2 different sets of bionic arms, plus a pilot. Also included was a thank you card and a Ork/Orc head wearing a Fez.

Other then some light flash here and there, I only had 2 airbubbles. Sadly both were on the tips of the bionic drill arm so I will have to redo these in Milliput, and then sand it back up again.

For my purposes I'm quite pleased with the shears, pretty brutal looking, and the small bionic arms (drill,saw and chainsword). I'm over the moon with the pilot, he will fit nicely in my Xenos retinue. I'm less enthousiastic about the bigger set of bionic arms, as those are clearly meant for something with the bulk of an Ork or bigger. I must have somehow missed that in the pictures. Those will go into the sparesbox for now.

Since Kromlech is so Ork oriented, I don't think I will be ordering from them again, unlike Zinge Industries. I just have no need for Orks nright now.

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  1. I remember seeing a 54mm brute with two huge oversized bionic arms, that looked very much like their ork counterparts in 28mm, back in the days when Inquisitor was still getting some spotlight in White Dwarf.
    So perhaps you can do a servitor and the arms won't be wasted.

    1. Ooh, I remember him, he had those really big warlords powerclaws, he was well 'ard he was ;) If I manage to score some more Ork parts that would be a nice conversion indeed.

    2. What Ork parts are you looking for? I may have some.

    3. Nothing yet Erik, maybe later when I have a plan for them. Too much stuff to wade through first!

  2. That looks very interesting! Might make a nice fun change from my WW2 stuff. Keep up the good work.