woensdag 25 februari 2015

Putting things into perspective

All this doodling is fun, and I have no problem putting it into 3D in my head, but explaining my plans to my other half is a different matter, so, why not use one of the readily available online roomplanners? And so I did. I used floorplanner.com to create mine, it could be useful for you too? You have to sign up using your email, and it is a bit limited, but it lets you change quite a lot of the basic items in regards to height, width and depth. Scale wise the drawing is 100% accurate in dimensions now, so it is much easier to see how it fits in relation to each other. This made it pretty easy to drag the gaming table across the room to find the best place to park it. Anyway, see for yourself.

Looking North, the 3 sets of drawers in the left corner, and the 80cm and 40cm Billy side by side (this is the only bookcase the program has so visually it is off, but sizewise it is correct. My hobbydesk is visible in the top right corner.

Looking South-West the 2 80cm Billys are in the corner with the 80 cm moveable table base parked next to the door. There is space above it, maybe for a nice flat railway display case as those are very useful for displaying miniatures. Whiteboard in the left corner with the PC desk. There is room for a small cabinet for Kim, and possibly we can put the printer on top of that, or we'll put it on the desk and put in a slightly taller cabinet.

Top view. It is roomier then I had imagined from my earlier sketches. Btw, both table are easy to lower or raise so Kim and I can change both easily to our needs. Ours desks arent black btw, I changed the colour 3 times to beachwood but it stays black. Oh well. The 3 sets of drawers have plenty of headspace to put some boxes of scenery on and my miniatures cases.

So, how does it look with a table deployed?

Well, like this! I moved the table around and there are 2 places that give easy acces to 3 sides and use of chairs. 1. What you see here, and 2. Slided against the 2 bookcases on the South wall. There is even enough room to build the table in advance, slide it against the hobbydesk and still have easy entry and acces to the pc.

Well, those are my thoughts for today. Let me know if you like the idea, I doubt the table will be made up more then a dozen times a year, and yes, it is sort of blocking 1 bookcase, but that one will be for mutual paperwork and we won't open that very often. And even if so, the wheels should roll pretty freely as a combined set of 4 wheels can take 220 kilo's, and if my math is right it won't even come close to that (65 for the combined kitchen cabinets and around 5-10 kilo's for the 3 sheets of wood needed.)

And yes, I'm very happy with this :)

On the miniatures front no news. I'm really keen to start painting again but selling to get rid of the mess I've made in the last month is a tad higher on the priority ladder. If that means missing the end of March deadline on the Guild, so be it. I have lots more to photograph and list in the coming weeks.

Hmm, 01:30 again? I blog like a turtle, I do.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the layout, nice idea to use that floorplanner site, too. It looks like a practical way to organize your hobby room.
    I'm not too sure if I agree with that table being used only a dozen times a year, though. We'll have to see if we can up that average! ;P
    Where will you be storing your scenery? The attic?

    1. Yes, it works very simple too, even if you are a bit limited and can only save 1 project. Well, 12 times a year might be pushing it, 6 seems more realistic right now :P but feel free to come over and improve it! Scenery, most of it will be in the attic, in simple containers, plus some will be stored underneath the table. That's the plan ;)