maandag 23 februari 2015

Planning ahead

Sometimes I'm not able to see the elephant in the middle of the room. A blessing or a curse, depending on mthe moment, my autism grants me the power to notice things that are off. Whether theyb are off cause I think they are off, or are genrrally off, I'll leave in the middle, but a side effect of this is that I sometimes miss the bloody obvious. Like a door swinging the opposite way.

Or, as I noticed last friday when I put the kids to bed, read them a story and sat there looking at the room, I had managed to miss the light switch. Right next to the door, on the right when entering, and in my drawings it had a big set of drawers right in front of it. Oops! Or Doh! might be more apt.

But as it turns out, this is a blessing in disguise (please see the new map below)

Left side will now be 3 sets of 70cm drawers stacked, then a 80cm and a 40cm bookcase. Right side has remained the same, but where the sets of drawers were before is now the 80x80 table, leaving easy acces to the light switch. I've also had a run to the local DIY and it looks wood costs for the top and bottom will be roughly 50 euros with wood left over if I go for 12mm multiplex, which means I will most likely get it cut at my favorite place in Tilburg and hop over to see Rob or Erik at the same time. Tables for on top can wait for now, first things first.

I'm not sorted yet on making it two 40x80 stands or 1 big 80x80 stand, both have merits, but the split version has increased costs as I need a pair of latches (or 2 pairs) and 4 additional wheels which means a additional 50 euros minimum.

Also, I'm looking at what needs to be done to raise the table to a level where I do not need to bend down so much all the time. It would add another 80x80 (or two 40x80 plus 4 or 8 wooden blocks to the costs but the added height creates more storage space for scenery and other things. I've openend a topic for it on the Lead Adventure Forum link

Hobby wise not too much news, some more packages on route, mostly trades with other gamers to get the models I want for my collection, and 2 purchases, 1 bag of miniatures, most for resale, and a used box of Necromunda that came with 3 gangs. And more envelopes with single models are leaving my house tomorrow, now if only someone would buy my box of Scavvies, that would help alot.

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