woensdag 23 januari 2019

Aaron Vayro's Keffiyeh / Shemagh painting tutorial

Helping out a friend by posting his tutorial for him. All credit goes to him, not me. I'm just the typist.

Keffiyeh / Shemagh painting tutorial 
by Aaron Vayro

Paint the shemagh in your choice of red (in this case Vallejo FLat Red), making sure to leave black lines for the folds. Use a dark wash on the Shemagh and re highlight. If you want to paint a black Shemagh start with German grey, again leaving black lines for the folds, and washing with black wash.

Wash applied and re highlighted

 Thin paint and paint in white lines to represent edge of the pattern . And the tassle bits . Try keep some of the black showing . Trying to make the headscarf appear folded . Best to work in triangle shapes . Some touch ups may be needed

 Thin paint and paint in the dots . Or small lines . Trying to keep them all in a line to represent a pattern . But try and follow the contour and the segment / triangle you are painting.
Handy to have a bit of red paint to use to correct any mistakes as you go .

This should work in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm.

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  1. Love it, you've made it so easy 👍

  2. Gunbird, this is a superb tutorial. I always enjoy your work. Do you have any recommendation for lines that matches well? I want to build a PLO force.

    from 6-28: http://sixtwentyeight.blogspot.com/

    1. I like the Liberation models a lot, I have not looked at other lines much, but I would recommend Elhiem. Physically very different but painted the same they blend on the table

  3. I missed this tutorial somehow. This is super! I needed something to encourage me as I have a mass of figures with keffiyeh I want to paint - now I feel like I can do it. :) What paints are you using for the base - I need something less dark than the European dirt colors I've been using. Thanks!

    1. Prime black .
      Us field drab base .
      50/50 dry brush us drab with iraq sand . Then drybrush with iraq sand . Paint in the little rocks then dry bush again