vrijdag 18 januari 2019


Was working on some other gaming stuff lastnight and after digging through my bits I had put some bits aside that had nothing to do with what was working on.....that looked a bit space station ish. So, a old flights base and some glue later, plus a dozen orange washes. 1/72 tank and aircraft parts and a 1/100 Astro mech head. Have not played a space game in years, so why I bothered I'm not sure, but it was fun to do something different.

 (Phone cam has a hard time focussing, sorry)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey that is great!

    Now you just need to build/buy a few ships to park outside it. then maybe some to fight the ships you built and take the station. Then more for each side. ;)

    1. Oh, I already have quite a few spaceships from various brands....but as usual, hardly anything is painted......

  2. Reacties
    1. Thank you kindly. I should really stop buying stuff and just keep making my own kit....