donderdag 31 januari 2019

Tyranid Killteam: puttypushing

A bit of progress on the miniFex...Genecarnie....whatever.

Isn't it adorable? Did the rest of the armour and the shoulders, scratched and dented as they are. As soon as this is dry I might add 1 or 2 plates behind it on his spine....or I may not. This guy is more of a Defensive Tackle kind of guy. I used Old One Eye (the original one) as my inspiration, and I'm trying to figure out if adding smakk cheekspikes fit him without hindering the movement of his claws (which are still seperate for ease of painting, and unfinished putty wise). But mine has no eyes as those have been plated over, so the tongue counts as a sniffer of sorts.

Tyranids. The sky is the limit...even if the rules don't let you.

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