maandag 2 september 2019

Bombing up

I really, really prefer 3mm aircraft for air gaming. Easy to mod, paint and finish. But for my 6mm Russian Army (still in a fetal state) I want matching airsupport, so I have some Heroics and Ross stuff. The quality....ehm....varies? But hey, have to work with it, so.....

Magnetised as always, and I used 1/300 WW2 air ordonance, modifed for the modern aircraft, pinned in place etc. A lot of work for someome with functioning hands, pure unadulturated fun for me. But hey, when I have an idea, you know what happens......

MiG-21 now has 4 FAB bombs
Su-25 has 2 droptanks on the inboard stations, and 2 rocketpods on each wing for now. Might make yet another rocket pod for both wings, or dual or quad bomb racks, or load up on something else. Depends what my hands can handle, really.

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