zondag 8 september 2019

Da Bloo Toof

 Right, the Ork Transport (supply ship, Gargant transport, free trader that interacts with the Imperium, who knows?) Da Bloo Toof....is done.

Varnished, labelled and ready for the table. Someday. Great trial for other ships, not sure when I will get to them though....

Original model is a Ground Zero Games FT338C Tradewind II class short hauler I ought a couple of years ago, for which I purchased another set of containers, that I pinned into place....and there it languished for quite a while. I can't remember when I picked it up again and just started adding bits to make a really scruffy trader that evolved into a Ork ship....but here she is: Da Bloo Toof. (yes, it's a joke)

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