maandag 18 november 2019

50 cent challenge: "Please hold"

Todays episode is brought to you by free stuff from the Goodwill. When asking what these 2 cost I was waved off and told I could have them for free. So....0 cents this time.

They are from a Burago playset I believe, as I had this as a child, with roads, and curbs, signs etc. They might be a tad large, but the shape is fine and and the plastic is decent-ish, pretty solid even, with a minor bit of flex.

So, with a Warlord 60mm base, some skellies, lots of dirt, paint, paper, some 28mm scaled books I picked up for Frostgrave, a old Chaos decal and a GW Imperial Guard telephone later, we have these 2.....

 And these go right into the Post Apoc collection.....

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