zondag 3 november 2019

Nameless Undead Champion

So, a while back I bought a single model that turned out to be a shop freebie (just effing great....) and it went through a few trials to become a Undead Champion. It's been on my desk for months now, and I'm not 100% happy with it (not in the least tbh) but I'm calling it done and dusted. I need to pump out more undead to have what I want/need for ....reasons.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Not sure about the face as it feels a bit small, the rest looks great though and his morningstar and shield fit in perfectly with the rest of the model.

    1. It was the biggest skull I had in my GW Skull box, plus a Mantic helmet, it will have to do I'm afraid. And thx, it is not perfect, but he looks nice.