woensdag 27 november 2019

Sarissa Precision Airstream trailers, also a mini-review

My Sarissa Precision Crisis purchases arrived today (together with my Zinge order, which was nice)

I picked up 2x Airstream Trailer (28mm) for my TNT Trailer park, 1x Russian Dacha (20mm) and Russian Timber townhouse (20mm) to go with my Russian collection for WW2/Modern (of which, to date.....nothing is built?)

I had planned to take a rest with my hands as ye olde hands are giving me all sorts of trouble, but when this lot arrived today I really want to stick to my guns......MDF gets built, Resin gets washed and based (and nothing for plastic as I've been selling a ton of that, not buying any new).

 It's a kit with 1 sheet of MDF and 1 sheet of greyboard/cardboard, and 2 pages of instructions, which are pretty clear, even if the cut card  at the ends of the trailer is different than what is shown on the instructions....but the end result is the same :)

Building an MDF kit isn't hard, take your time and dryfit after cleaning the parts, then glue and do it 1 step at a time. I'm using my knock off Mod Podge for it, for the drying time mostly and ease of use.

Rubber bands are your friend in this case, it makes sure you get a nice bond on all the curves. And this has a lot of curves.

 Even with my hands as they are, I made this in a bout 3 hours (so you people with functioning hands shoudl have it done in 60 minutes or so) as it's not a ton of parts you have to put together.

I did make 2 changes, the gastanks as supplied are a bit too basic for me, but that is why I picked up the Zinge small gastanks as it just looks better. And a Zinge breezeblock to support it as the cruciform stick that comes with it is a bit bare. I'm also looking at replacing the ventilation thingamajig on top with something else. Oh, the door doesn't come with a doorknob, but from the picture on the website I can guess they used the round punch outs from the trailer frame as a knob. Works fine, so I will do that too.

To ensure a long life, both of these will be based, and put in my Post Apoc collection. Not sure when I have these finished.  

All in all, a nice little kit for the 9 Euros it costs (when writing this), and for that, you get a nice caravan you can use as is, with other caravans, as an objective or as a LOS blocker, and equally at home on a Cold War, Zombie War or Post Apoc table.


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  1. Looks great! The propane tank and the cinder-block really make it seem like a trailer.

    Are you going to go with a bare aluminium finish, or something else?

    Who would have thought that such a kit would even be possible a few years back.

    1. Thx. Bare aluminium, maybe a faded striping, but a lot of dust etc. Yeah, was thinking about that, from the box shapes to what we have now, in only a few years.

  2. These are pretty great for an mdf kit, your small alterations only adding to the realism of the models.

    I agree with Lasgunpacker, these are miles away from the mdf kits we saw a few years ago.

  3. great little kits, have not seen them but they look the business.

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