zondag 22 december 2019

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow

 This weekend the kids are at my folks place for a short Xmas break, Kim is in Germany for her annual Xmas fair break , so I'm home alone till tomorrow evening.

Been hauling crates down from the attic all day, starting to feel very boxed in now in my hobby room....

My body has this nice habit of reminding me when I have done enough, even when I feel pretty good while doing it, and take plenty of breaks. I "only" brought down 15 crates today (edit - 25), and have another 15 and some boxes to go till my part of the attic is done.  Will pick up some dispoasable coveralls, masks etc for me and Kim so we can remove all of the remaining insulation the evening before they start, and some extra thick plastic to cover the washer and dryer that we will put on wheels so they can move it out of the way. There is no way we can bring them down beforehand, as we have to plug it back in in the evening to run them (kids and clothes, you kn ow the drill if you are a parent)

As we now (roughly) know how big the room is, i've been making basic sketches to see what works best, going over the pro's and cons of each variant, sharing the drawings with friends etc.

After sleeping a bit on them, and with advice, I've settled on this layout.

Windows (and thus sun) is on the left, in the midde you have the door towards the other part of the attic, and on the right the attic continues but we opted to cordon a large bit off purely for storage. And boy.....am I going to need that! Also a couch that can double as a bed and a TV. I've already prepped the left and right side of the room with extra network cables so the PC and Xbox and TV can just be plugged in.

not to scale!

 Right-o. In my previous set up I had 2 side by side desks, and they were always a godawful mess, so I sold the bigger one to a friend, turned my smaller 120 one to face the wall en went with that. Ok, this too turned out to be an awful mess. Hmmm.... Well, third time lucky, I've went for a L shaped desk, and I can fit a 180-180 with ease. Wall side is meant for the PC, printer etc. Window side is meant for the hobby, lots of natural light during the day.

South wall will be nothing but storage. If it fits like I wanted (and that is a big if as I have no idea how the walls will be finished and how much roof space I lose out) I should be able to bring in all my scenery cabinets and miniature drawers, plus my entire Moppe collection.

So, on the wanted/hunt list:
- 1 L shaped desk (180*180 preferably, secondhand as usual)
- Floor cover for wood flooring, big one (new one, unless I can find a local one second hand)
- Sleeping sofa that does not weigh a ton, or a normal sofa (again, not weighing a ton) and a fold up single bed on wheels 

Edit: was just picking up the kids and dad offered up his desk as he wanted to replace it anyway. Yes, he's really still using a ancient 15 inch screen.


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