dinsdag 3 december 2019

Sarissa Black Friday Sale. I bought stuff.

I bit the bullet and bought the 20mm factory and the extension pack at Sarissa's Black Friday Sale.

25 euros for the factory, and I added the Industtrial Factory Bundle 1 (Discounted from 67 to 59 euros) after realising the 20% off coupon worked on it, and I ended up charging my card for 63.50 Pounds including shipping, and this gives me a entire factory complex that I can use as a ISIS Tank repair shop (looking at Contact Front rules for that), a deserted factory near Chernobyl for Stalker (looking at Zone Alfa rules for that) or for a Cantonnage for TW2K. And probably a ton of other ideas, keep it basic, seperate details to be set aside. Also gives me a reason the long stretch of tinned sheet fence I made but have yet not painted.

Yes, Black Friday is a bit dirty......but it did save me some real money (no fake deals) and I used the day (and weekend) to sell a ton of model kits so I bought some proper shoes as well ((not)cheap trainers be gone, proper walking shoes in the house now as I'm walking more these days ....even though it hurts more) and the rest is going in the petty cash drawer. God knows I'll need it before the attic is finished.....

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