zondag 29 december 2019

On the 4th day of Christmas.....or: With a little help from a friend

Well, the attic is empty. We had a friend over to do the really heavy lifting today, remove the carpet and other remaining tasks. My current hobby room resembles a server room now, and I'm feeling boxed in like a sardine, and my muscles share the feeling.

We will suit up like moonmen and remove the insulation in the evening of the 1st, and besides putting covers down on the lower floors we are pretty much done. Which means I've been planning the stage after the loft has been painted. As it stands now, gettin g my workstation up and running has priority. Cabinets and storage second, getting all of the boxes upstairs third, and then....

I've decided a TV, a sleeping couch and a general relaxing area can wait. With all of the storage boxes back up in the attic we can start Nikki's room quicker, and I must go through all of the storage to pick out all of the stuff for sale, and stock that in the cabinets next to the washer and dryer.

And that is as far as I want to plan now. What TV, what couch, what sort of gaming table....it all can wait :)

Hope you all had a nice Xmas, a few more days till 2020 and I'll be taking more rest as the kids in their kindness made me sick with whatever virus was running through the school just before recess....<cough>

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  1. Coming along nicely, are you changing the style of insulation or removing it for more space? I am currently installing insulation! Looking forward to your progress.

    French Wargame Holidays

    1. Hi Matt, the insulation was on par for a house 30 years ago, but for current standards not sufficient so we are upgrading the roof and the bit underneath the house to current EU standards for newbuilds, and to get a small tax rebate in doing so. If we could afford it we would add solar panels as well on the sun side....we might invest if the savings on the heating bill with the new boiler and new insulation will cover the start up cost.

  2. Hahaha, kids are all the same once they go to a kindergarten or school. These places are almost like breeding grounds for all kind of viruses.
    Glad to hear the attic is coming along nicely.