zondag 5 januari 2020

Got wood?

A lot of progress was made yesterday. But....a bit miffed that they somehow had interpreted the sink in the wall next to the door as the sink being in the middle of the outer wall facing our neighbours. I got the option to place it, but at an added cost, and with the piping etc on the outsde of the wall. Yeah, nah, not. So we cancelled that feature (and diverted the funds to another part of the house that needs new piping). On the plus side it frees up space for a printer cabinet and all of the paperwork we have at home so that can leave the living room.

Anyhoo.....I think I have the laminate and soundproofing sorted for a much lower cost than estimated, picked up a TV for cheap and next week is going to be busy with electrical and plumbing and finishing up.

We are seriously stressed out to. Change isn't my thing, so spent half a day today doing volunteering work at a kids tournament to cool down. Only sprained ankles, and none too serious, but it was nice to be outside.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That's coming along nicely, with the framework into place it isn't too hard to see how it's going to look like once finished.
    What kind of kids tournament did you go to?

    1. Some kind of "The parents of these kids are dying for a few hours alone time after spending 2 weeks with their kids at home" tournament. Lots of small games where they had to score points as a team....basically let the kids have fun and vent steam, and then send them into the apekooi. You know what I mean, that Parcours thing we all did as kids in gym class once or twice a year. And as usual, kids get a bit too excited and start making errors in judgement whether they can make a jump/landing....or not. I just have to check if it is nothing serious, and to date a concussion us about the worst I've had to deal with at these events. And I like volunteering even if it drains me...it feels like I can still be useful to people other than my family.