dinsdag 21 januari 2020

I have the power! (sort of)

We had the electrician visit us today and all the sockets and switches have now been fitted. 1 UTP port was extremely annoying and had both of us scratching our heads trying to sort out the error code we kept getting for a good 30 minutes of fitting and refitting the socket. And then it just worked...all hail the Omnissah?

We should be able to put in the floor in the weekend of 1-2nd, maybe even get the desk upstairs, maaaaybe I can get the computer and assorted equipment set up....but I'm not pushing my luck.

And now we will look at some shocking socket pics.

And the electrical sunscreen/anti theft thingamajig is now operational as well.

Meanwhile.....I've started a 10 week pain management course to see if I can raise my energy levels. Can't say too much about it, but it is a group of 40-60 year olds that have the same issues as I do. Very tiring though.....

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