maandag 8 juni 2020

I'm not dead, Jim!

Small update for the ones following my Blog, and my lack of posts.

2 weeks ago I got a call from a temp agency, if I was interested in a helpdesk function, and working from home, and I could start asap?. Pay is....pretty bad, but got to start again somewhere, right?

Just finished my first week, 8.5 hours of training and 44 hours on the job already. Dont worry, I'm not selling anything to old ladies, I'm booking people for COVID-19 tests for our government, and giving them the good news if they test negative. Negative being a good thing in this case. As in they don't have it.

Loving it. Should have done this years ago, if possible, right after my accident. Would have helped immensely as my inhuries don't seem to matter much for this work, though I am looking for a new heavy duty office chair as I've seen worn this one out. Again. My arse seems to heavy for them, or something.....

Have a day off now, rebuilt my hobby desk into a a more practical and ergonomically suited office space. I've found eneregy I didn't knew I had anymore, though I do need to watch myself as my energy levels may be way up, but my fitness and pain levels don't match!

And speaking of energy levels, I've been on a breathing....ehm....machine for the past 2 months now after my diagnosis of pretty damn severe apneu/apnea. First mask didn't go to well with me, got a new one just covering my nose and the improvement has been phenomenal. I'm actually sleeping full nighst now. I went from 90+ breathing stops an hour (still makes me wonder how I managed to survive up to this point, without brain damage) to 2-4 breathing stops per hour.

But...back to the hobby. I hardly get any time for that now :D I either start at 7:30, so no late night building, or work till 20:00 (and for the last few times I volunteerd to work till 21:00 or 22:00) so no go either. Once I get used to this work pattern I'll pick it up again, but work has priority now. Only primed a few things, cleaned a few bits, that sort of stuff. Massively cut down my FB and forum use as well.....and I don't really miss it. Cutting down on Youtube as well, focussing on work and sleep, and my wife and kids. You know, life.

Still, can't wait to get back to making stuff for Mordheim, so stay tuned (to see me go off on a completely different tangent, most likely, but hey, that's me :P )

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