woensdag 17 juni 2020

Less time = higher productivity

Manager speak :P

But seriously, at certain times of the day there can be a good 15-20 minutes between calls, so I put a small kit or something I want to finish next to me, and when I have the time, I do a bit of this or a bit of that.

I don't haver a fixed schedule yet (and tbh I doubt I will get one soon) so planning time for stuff that needs more work is a bit troublesome, as I really want to spend what time I have wisely (while having fun), preferably with my wife and kids.

Having said that, with what in between time I had I have managed to build the following:

I picked up a couple of sprues of scenery from a Superhero game (couple of cars, 1 snack shop, 2 dumpsters and assorted bits that I wanted to build....but more aimed at Post Apoc, so, with a few minor changes (Which the kit fought me every single step on) it now has a closed shutter and it looks much better :)

A TT Combat kit I picked up off of a model trading site, for 5 euros, of the Grey Harbor House A. Built that in under 2 hours on my day off (today), but my pet peeve of MDF kits is those damn stubs on the roof, so.....out comes the ribbed metal roofing (cardboard). I had a class tonight as well, so I did not feel like cutting up 40 individual sheets so used bigger strips and added a bit of detail to both sides, and called it a day. The future paintjob will hide many sins, I say.

Great bit of kit, simple but gets the job done. Not a fan of lift off roofs, but in this case I'm happy with it. The only issue I have with it is that the frontage as the top part has a buttload of flex in it, so I will put in a additional beam to fix that.

I copied the Fallout style of shack as this is for my Post APoc collection and should fit in nicely. Needs a little bit of extra detailing with the card supplied, but other than that ready for primer.

Also build a lot of 1/35 Miniart artillery shell crates for use as 20mm/28mm "Tractor Parts". The 100mm shell crates are perfectly fine and easy to build, the 152mm....not so much. If I can get more boxes cheap at a later date, the 10mm are the ones to go for. Also comes with a nice decal sheet with a lot of markings that will come in handy for other Soviet items.

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  1. Great work mate! Glad to see that returning to the workforce hasn't dampened your creative ability :)

    1. If anything at all, it has made it explode. Purely focussing on stuff I have around, after 8+ hours on the phone I simply have no time or stamina left to trawl salespages and I just want to build....:P