dinsdag 23 juni 2020

Trailer Park...... (WIP)

Not these guys btw.

But the Sarissa Precision Retro Americana Residential Trailer P001....but different. You know I can never really build a kit as is, and this kit is surprisingly easy to modify, as you can see in the photo.

Made the 6 basic shells in 6 days  (and then He rested...) and I'm now working on adding a few details to each so they are ready for primer. Doorknobs and other 3D details mostly, or like on this one, a small toolshed on the side.

They are fun builds, quick, easy, look the part, no real issue other then the missing roof nubs so the roof only slots on the front and back, but meh, it works. Not a fan of the skylights, so those will mostly be gone. Now to work out how I want the Heavenly Haven sign to look and get proper signage made for it.  Won't be done for a long time though I think....scatterbrain and all that ;)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey, just got caught up on your blog, glad to hear you have work!

    These trailers look pretty good for a trailer park, you just need to have a lot of table scatter to really get that look...

  2. Niiice! Now you just need to get a supply of butane tanks and lawn flamingos... ;)

    1. Butane tanks have been sorted, waiting fo a friend to cast me up a few more plastic flamingoes :)