donderdag 5 mei 2011

Carlos Ruined Western Europe Church

I've been using the proceeds of my sale to add books to my collection, but I found this and the Ruined Factory to interesting too pass up. It was brought to my attention by Faustnik over at The Guild, that a mate of his was making and casting buildings, and this is one of the 2 he showed. This particular piece retails for 33 euros excl shipping and is one single piece. Shipping from Portugal took less then a week.

I've added some 20mm vehicles for size (A Beetle and a T-70 Schlepper, both from Britannia).

Overall, a fine piece showing a ruined church, suitable, as Faustnik mentions, from the 12th to modern times, so you can use it with your knights, various civil wars right up to modern days. The church looks like it is meant to be ruined a short while ago as you can see in picture 3, there are 3 graves, one is either exhumed or not filled in yet. As I want to paint this piece as a long abandoned church with nature taking over, I will be covering that up and removing/replacing a few items.

I'm more then happy with it and look forward to painting and weathering it.

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