zondag 22 mei 2011

Carlos Ruined Factory Finished!

Tried photoshopping tonight, but with 950 pics to check and edit I kinda lost heart a bit, so went to the painting table.So I just sort of finished my next piece, Carlos Ruined Factory. Now, I could not make up my mind if I wanted a old ruin or a recent ruin, so went for something in the middle. I did remove the tank tracks and the track section by covering them with sand paste, making the piece more genric. Hence it will work as well in wars as post apocalyptic periods, though for the moment WW2 and Modern is all what I need.

Anyway, enough yapping. Piccies.

Considering I've painted these 2 large scenic pieces in under a month I'm pretty chuffed. Now to do the other 20+ pieces I've bought and not painted over the last few years. :)

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