zondag 8 mei 2011

Carlos Ruined Western Europe Church Finished!

Well, that was rather quick. Practically hyperspeed I say.

I'll let the G-Man do the talking:

I've kept it rather simple this time, just a few coloured stones,  black soggy wood, some weathering and about a tenner worth of tufts from various manufacturers.

I was going to show the VBCW version of me as well, but I gave that several coats of matte varnish in the past 2 days and it still shines like a diamond... not sure what is wrong. I used my standard matte spray over GW Gloss spray (first time) and it did nothing. Dried it in the over at 100 C for 2 hours, and resprayed it after cooling and let it dry all night. This morning again no difference. I then coated it with Humbrol Matte, and I just checked, no effect. Last attempt in the morning with Vallejo Matte, if that doesn't work I'll just have to take off the paintjob and redo them from scratch.

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