vrijdag 30 december 2011

Big Build 2012

Right, the Big Build 2012. Another Guild build, but not 3 weeks or 3 months as usual, but 11 months spread over 5 blocks of 2 months with the final block being 3 months. The idea is to pick a theme and complete items every 2 months for that theme. As it stands you can either just state the theme (members with no balls), state the theme and what category per block (members with balls) and state the theme, category and a fixed number of items to complete per block (members with Krupp steel balls).

If I have one problem that hinders me more in this hobby then anything else it's my inability to stick to a given theme for more then a few months unless there is a game coming up or a prize involved (hence I love Group Builds), but a year long build is going to require quite a bit of effort from me.

Even so, I've decided to go fro some Krupp steel, and with the following:

Theme: Air War 1/600th (Check Your 6!)

Block 1: Star and Pyramid - The 6 Day War - 39
Block 2: Star and Pyramid - The War of Attrition - 37
Block 3: The Falklands + Danger Zone - 40
Block 4: Breaking the Luftwaffe - Into the Reich - 46
Block 5: Breaking the Luftwaffe - Big Week - 66

For the ones that dont know Check Your 6!, this is a rulesset for air wargaming. I've based my entries on their books that I own, just stripped out the aircraft lists and taking those as a guide for the build. I'll be using Tumbling Dice aircraft and propably the occasional Odzial Osmy ground vehicle.

Oh, did I mention failure to meet the required number before the deadlines means you are removed from the competition? No pressure :)

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing how this project develops as i seem to paint more 1:600 aircraft than anything else at the moment.