zaterdag 10 december 2011

The Guild quick Build - Wings

Build Theme
The theme of this current build is wide ranging, any genre, any historical /fictional setting. The loose theme is simply wings...

Mimimum requirement;
there is no minimum requirement - any number of models or figures may be entered...

Build Criteria
All Guild members (inc. admins) are eligible for entry.
All entries must consist of NEW figures/models, (although terrain in photos can be recycled).
You must have made and/or painted your entry yourself.
The entry must be finished to go forward to the vote.

All entrants will be awarded a Build ribbon as in previous Guild Group Builds

Short Build timeframe;
This short build will run for a period of just over three weeks to allow as many guild members as possible,
as much time as possible, to enter.
The closing date deadline will be January 2nd at midnight, UK local time.

Pretty short, just the way I like it. I've gotten off to a headstart, but I'm keeping it vague, so this could be the only thing you see till it is finished :D

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